Another goal down…

I’m so excited about my 20 before 20 goals. I know there are some I won’t be able to complete (saving $5000, getting straight A’s last semester, and being in a craft fair) so I’m determined to do as many of the others as possible! I just booked a cooking class for September 18th and this morning I sold my 15th handmade item. I’ve been keeping up with my blogging so that’s another goal I’ll be able to cross off and when school starts I’m going to learn how to sew in my garment construction class so there’s another. I’m already compiling my list of goals for next year and if you’ve never set goals for yourself I’d highly recommend it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve done that I never really thought I would do.
(an old photo but this bad boy will be in the shop soon!)

On that note, my bonus goal was to set up and teach some kind of crafting class. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I have some ideas for ways I could go about this. I thought that a really fun way to teach people how to knit would be in-home knitting parties. For a price I could supply yarn, needles, and knowledge to a group of people (no more than 10) for a fun ladies night where you and your friends can pick up a new skill. Sort of like a Tupperware party…but better… I’m still working on the specifics, but I think it’d be really fun. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?
knitting REVOLUTION!

I feel like I have so many projects and not enough time. After I post all of my knits my life should calm down a bit but these next two weeks are going to be absolutely ridiculous. Here’s another peek at what I’ve been up to…


I want to thank everyone who emailed me or left me a comment yesterday. The good outweighs the bad as far as I’m concerned and I really appreciate your support :). Also, Justine is having a sweet giveaway over at her blog so you should check it out!!

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