New Day and Giveaway

This week is turning out to be quite hectic. I leave in exactly seven days (THANK GOD) and my store goes up in eight… I’m a little worried about how unpacking/mailing things will go. But I’ve started to pack all my knits into one cute plastic container from target so I won’t have to search through countless boxes to find an order. Last night I wrote the majority of my descriptions and today I’m making hang tags and pricing things (as well as weaving in ends and sewing on buttons!) It’s fun getting so close to the big day but definitely stressful as I’m a perfectionist and want nothing but the best for my store.

(it’s been a while since I posted a picture of myself. At least I feel like it has lol)

Don’t miss out on my giveaway, it closes this Friday. Go to the post below to enter (or click the link from this post).

I’ll be back tomorrow feeling a little more put-together than right now! In the meantime, click the link on my sidebar to order your copy of Creative Juice Zine :).


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