Burnt Wood, Library, Wild Hunt…

My oldest friend in the world and I had a sleepover earlier this summer. When we were youngsters we had sleepovers ALL THE TIME and it was so fun to relive a little bit of my childhood. Before we got breakfast, my friend put on this wildly intriguing perfume and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Why, you ask? Because the scent was “library”. Yes, you heard me.

You know my love for books and the idea that I could wear the scent of a library as a perfume was like a dream come true. I hunted down the people who make this luscious perfume and ordered one for myself, but of course, I couldn’t stop there. I also ordered soaked earth and I’m considered snagging burnt wood as well. I want to wait and see what the others smell like before I go buck wild.

If you’re interested in these incredibly original scents, you can check them out on CB I Hate Perfume’s site (click here!).



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