Back to School…

My first class was this morning..or..well…it was supposed to be this morning. I got all dressed up, curled my hair, threw on my favorite pair of black heels and set off for my first day of my sophomore year. The class I was headed to was art history. I’m not sure if I’ve shared here yet, but I decided to change my major months ago and never got around to officially changing it at the school. My new major is Marketing and as such, I am no longer required to take Art History II. Praise the lord!! I decided I’d give it a try anyways but from the moment the syllabus hit my hands I knew it was NOT a class I wanted to be in. Sooo… like the responsible student I am, I got the hell out of there, went immediately to the counseling office and changed my major. I also dropped two of my classes and picked up two major specific classes. I’m really excited about my schedule now and I can’t wait to go to my actual first class tomorrow morning!

Yesterday everything that I’ve done this past week finally caught up to me. All of the long days of driving/moving/furnishing/unpacking/grocery shopping/organizing/not sleeping took it’s toll and I spent most of the day in bed watching How I Met Your Mother. It was nice to relax and I think I really needed the break.

My goal for this week is to apply to as many jobs as possible and hope like hell that someone will hire me. I really need the money and it’d be a really productive way to fill my time. It’s also nice to have the responsibility and somewhere I have to be that isn’t my apartment or class. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sorry this post was all text and not really cohesive. I have some things I want to share with you later in the week so things will get more exciting around here. No worries :).


One thought on “Back to School…

  1. You are sooo funny! I LOVED Art History (and I was actually in AH1/2 honoros classes!It's nice to know that certaing majors don't ahve to take classes that genuinely don't relate to their major though. Good luck on your sophomore year!

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