I am feeling INCREDIBLY unmotivated

Ever since I put up my store I’ve been feeling extremely drained creatively. I have no desire to anything artistic. I take that back actually. I have the desire to do creative things but no drive or follow through. I’m taking a much needed break and when I delve back into the world of creating, I’ll be doing it for enjoyment for a while because I think I really need to. When I find the motivation, I’m going to get a jump start on one of my 21 goals before 21. This is really silly because I am not done with my 20 before 20 yet but…that’s life :). Here’s a peek at what I want to do:
Oxfam's giant knitted petition

In other news…
I had my first class today and I really enjoyed it. It was Intro to Sales Promotion. I’m so excited about my new major but I have not given up on fashion just yet. I still keep a sketchbook handy where I can scribble out designs and I’m taking a sewing class this semester so I can start making my scribbles into actual pieces that I can wear. One of my friends from last year gave me the sweetest compliment last night. When I told him I had changed my major he told me that I shouldn’t have because I was really good at design and I should keep doing what I’m doing even though it’s not my major anymore. I am so flattered! I’m rather shy about my sketches (not the most talented illustrator) but maybe I’ll be bold enough to share some with you someday :).

Finally… I’ll be at Renegade this weekend in Chicago. If you see me, say hello! I’d love to meet you :). I have no idea what I’ll be wearing but I’ll look something like this:

hahaha That’s all for today!

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