Back in Chicago

So I’ve been back in Chicago for about a week and a half now and I don’t know how I lived while I was away. I’ve been trying to take pictures of my adventures so that you can feel like you live here too (after all, Chicago is the best place in the world). One of the things my wonderful city is best known for is its food. Last week I was CRAVING a cookie and not in the mood to cook (SHOCKING! I know) so my roommate and I decided to settle for pazookie. I used to think this was a pretty universal term but my roommate had no idea what I was talking about so I’ll clarify for you as well. This delicious treat is mostly baked cookie fresh from the oven with ice cream and whipped cream on top. And holllyyyy shit is it good.
It looked so good in fact that a tourist came up to us and asked if he could take a picture. We obliged him, of course :). Here are a few of my own pictures.

If you’ve ever in town, be sure to stop by Pizano’s. Their pizza is to die for as well :).


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