Last year I embroidered my first piece ever. I was inspired by someone at Renegade and decide to make my own version which dumped me into yet another wonderful kind of stitching (I’m already so fond of some other stitches like knitting, crochet, and now sewing) it’s only fitting that I enjoy laying down with a little embroidery hoop from time to time.

Recently I’ve been really jonesin’ for some cute new patterns and after seeing some more AMAZING pieces at Renegade this year I decided I’d use my greatest resource (you all!) to find some fun things to stitch.

What is your favorite place to find hand embroidery inspiration and patterns that won’t break the bank? Also, what do you do with your embroidery once it’s finished. I feel like I can only pawn so many off on my friends before they start to judge me and call me Phyllis again.

To give you a point of reference, I’ll show you some embroidery that I adore. Also, what’s the deal with cross stitching? Would I like it? Someone tell me all about it!

home embroidery

Katie Cupcake


wild olive


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