Renegade Part Two…

So last week I featured the first of my Renegade purchases. I decided to give you another Renegade treat today :).

I have an all-encompassing love for letterpress goods. Have I admitted this to you before? I really cannot get enough of it. I follow wedding blogs because they often feature letterpress invitations that make my heart race. Silly? Perhaps. Regardless, I got this tiny letterpress notebook and I’m in love with it.

I bought it because I was going to throw it in my purse and jot down little notes but I feel like it’s too special for that so for now it’s sitting in a shelf above my desk. I want to think of something really cute to do with it before I use it :).

To see more from this fabulous seller, check out her shop :). I bought a few postcards from her last year (haven’t used them either…they’re so special!) and I will definitely buy more in the future.

Note: I’m only 90% sure I’m giving the right artist credit here. If I’m incorrect and you know it please let me know so I can direct you to the right person.


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