Fall Crushes

So I’m pretty poor. This is no secret. Being in college is like being robbed every day of the week. No matter how much money I save over the summer, it’s gone within a month of being at school (thanks to groceries, books, art supplies, and apartment shenanigans–IE: internet installation, rent, decorations, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, etc.) and I do not like it. I desperately need a job but until I can find one I’ll have to make do with what I have. I’m pretty good at controlling my shopping if I can avoid actual stores. This proves to be somewhat difficult because I live above some awesome shopping and within a mile of the rest of the awesome shopping but I haven’t done too poorly this year! Having said that, I complied a list of things I’d love to have this fall/winter. Because there are SO many fabulous things out there I decided to break this post up into a few parts. Today I’ll share (some of) my shoe obsessions. I can’t afford any of them but my birthday is coming up so maybe I’ll splurge on one of them. Enjoy!!

Penny Loafers & Other Flat Footed Friends

My style has evolved over the past few years and is gravitating towards a very preppy place. I am entirely obsessed with penny loafers right now and I want a pair that I can wear till they break. I’m also seriously lacking in the flat department and I’d like to remedy that situation ASAP.


3 thoughts on “Fall Crushes

  1. i remember living in chicago and dealing with the temptation of not shopping every single day! and you are right – the best way to control it was to not walk into the stores. and yes chicago alone is an expensive place to live. even so, those are some adorable flats you picked out! i love the red one with little ruffles.have a lovely day, friend!

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