My shoes were lake forest colored :)

NUMBER 34! That’s my bro!

are you ready for some football!?

I had a fantastic weekend with my brother at Lake Forest. I know that I posted a little bit about this before but I feel the need to elaborate. Columbia is a great school, don’t get me wrong. But one major drawback to going to an art school is that we don’t have ANY sports or school spirit. I really miss that from high school and I never thought that I would. It’s fun being able to go support your school’s sports teams! Anyways, when I’m feeling like I need a break from art school culture (a different breed for sure) I visit my brother’s school and I pretend like I’m a state school student. It was a really wonderful weekend and it helped me make a huge decision. More information on that later…. Sorry about the lack of real posts this week. My apartment is being painted and it’s a huge mess so I can’t accomplish anything productive. I’m also buried in homework.

See you tomorrow!

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