Two post kind of day?

Have any of you heard about Ashley’s month dedicated to all things Halloween over at All Dressed Up? She posted a bunch of pictures of her past Halloweens and invited others to share so I thought it’d be fun to post the few Halloween pictures I have on my computer from my past. If you do the same, post a link here so I can check it out :). If you couldn’t tell, most of my costumes were homemade by me haha. My mom was a big fan of being creative and using what we already had to make our costumes. Enjoy!

I’ll probably be back later today!

3 thoughts on “Two post kind of day?

  1. Aw, these dressing up pictures are so cute! I wish I had some from when I was a kid… even though I'm sure the most impressive costume I had involved a black bin bag. I especially like the pumpkins in the fourth picture.

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