Man Oh Man

This week has truly been a whirlwind. My family is visiting me this weekend so I’ve been putting in a lot of extra work so that I don’t have to worry about homework over the weekend. Long story short, it’s killing me slowly but surely. I feel like I’ve been a huge slacker on the ol’ blog this week and I’d be lying if I said I was going to make it up to you this weekend (I’ll be busy with the fam’ obviously!). What I can offer you, however, is a recipe for a delicious breakfast sandwich. I feel somewhat silly posting this so late in the evening but breakfast is good at any hour!

Turkey/Egg Breakfast
What you’ll need:
-Sourdough (toasted)
-Sliced Avocado
-Sliced Tomato
-Turkey Burger
-Scrambled egg seasoned w/ salt & pepper
-Cheddar cheese
-Garlic hummus

How to do it:
Seriously? You need me to spell it out? Stack the ingredients on the sourdough in whatever order tickles your fancy and ENJOY IT! It’s delicious :).

Also, I wanted to share the following embroidery with you. This has nothing to do with anything except that I saw it and I am IN LOVE WITH IT.
dahlia for dahlia



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