Lovely Day

Today I spent time with my family in Lake Forest and had a blasty blast.
We woke up early and got some breakfast at a little waffle place near my parents’ hotel. I stayed safe and got some eggs and buckwheat pancakes, but my little brother got this confection that gave you diabetes with only a quick glance.
After breakfast, we saddled up the palomino and headed to Lake Forest College for the homecoming game. The leaves on the trees were so pretty!
First we toured the new exercise facility on campus. The finished it at the beginning of this year and it’s truly beautiful. As we were walking around, my dad came across a few of his photographs and he was pretty excited. They were framed and from what I understand will be in the sports center for a long time to come. For my new readers, I should mention that my dad is a sports photographer in his spare time and photographs pretty much all of LFC Football’s games. To see more of his work, check out his website here.
We watched the homecoming parade (quite an interesting bunch of participants).
Then found some seats in the stadium and waited for the game to start.
It was SUCH A CLOSE GAME! I’m truly awful at describing football but I’ll give it a shot for you. With only a few minutes left in the 4th quarter Lake Forest was down by a mere 7 points. They made a couple amazing moves and ended up snagging the final touchdown they needed to tie up the game. The clock ran out with both teams at 27 points. In overtime, Lake Forest got SO CLOSE to a touchdown but ultimately lost (HEARTBREAKING). I try not to get too involved in sports because I get a little intense but today I slipped. I have no voice from all the screaming I did and my throat definitely feels raw. Even though we lost, it was such an amazing game to watch. So exciting right to the bitter end.

After the game we took some pictures with my big bro (so nice to have my family around). Last home game I noticed that he had my little brother’s initials on his wrist tape and I yelled at him for not including me so this week my initials made their way to the inside of his wrist. I was so excited I asked to take a picture. He thinks he’s funny so he made an inappropriate gesture. (Okay so I think it’s pretty funny too…).
It was nice to spend some time with my family. We’ve always been so busy that it’s pretty rare for all five of us to spend time together. It was also nice to see my brothers getting along and not killing each other. Except for when they were ganging up on me. That part wasn’t so great…
Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to enjoying downtown Chicago. I’m going to take my mom to a few of my favorite haunts and introduce my family to some more of my friends. I’ll try to take more pictures than usual because I’ve been a bit of a slacker recently.


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