Done a lot of great things in my day

My 20th birthday is rapidly approaching (this sunday!) so I thought it’d be fun to share some pictures of birthdays past.

My actual BIRTH day :). Hey there baby mal!

My 4th birthday party

My 15th birthday (I think…)

Sweet 16 :)

Sweet 16. Paint war party!

My 18th birthday party with my family.

I went to a concert for my 18th birthday instead of going to homecoming (senior year!) so to compensate I wore my homecoming dress to the concert. Icing on the cake? My homecoming dress was my grandma’s prom dress :).

Alas…The most memorable gift from my 19th birthday. The cat that waves at you. The subject of countless apartment conversations over the past year.

I love looking back in time :).


5 thoughts on “Done a lot of great things in my day

  1. All of these pictures are so great! A paint war birthday party?! FUN!I LOVE that you wore your grandma's prom dress for your birthday concert and I really love your hair with those bangs!

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