Time to Dance

Do you ever get tired of everything in your closet? I’m having a serious clothing crisis as of late and I feel the need to purge. A lot of the things I wear have been around my closet for years and I’m tired of them. I’m considering a big purge. I guess this would fall along the lines of a sort of spring-cleaning. This will only be my second winter…ever…but I feel sort of boxed in when the weather starts to turn. In an attempt to avoid this feeling, I want to clean! And to keep it lively, I’m going to listen to some fun dance/clubish music. I put together a playlist for my fall-cleaning and I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy!

1) I Can Talk By: Two Door Cinema
2) Stutter By: Maroon 5
3) You’ve Got The Love By: Florence and the Machine
4) I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor By: Arctic Monkeys
5) Creator By: Santogold
6) Dull Life By: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
7) Hold The Line By: Major Lazer
8) New In Town By: Little Boots
9) Orange Shirt By: Discovery
10)Swimming in the Flood By: Passion Pit

note: I tried to post this yesterday but blogger wouldn’t work for me. How frustrating is that?

See you tomorrow after a LOT of sleep. I have to post a real update. This week has been insanity.

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