I disappeared!

WOW I don’t usually go this long without a post. There are a few times each year where I seem to drop off the face of the earth because I am swamped with work for midterms or finals. This past week has been EXTREMELY hectic (shit, this whole month has been kicking my ass) and I just couldn’t find the time or inspiration for a blog post. I had my two of my very best friends in town visiting this weekend and after some quality time with them I’m feeling rested and ready to kill week two of midterm mania.

Things I have to do this week:
-Study for my Nutrition Final
-Sew like 10 seam samples for my garment construction class
-Study for my advertising final
-Write a paper for my international advertising class
-Make MORE doctors appointments for thanksgiving week (gotta cram them all in while I’m in Arizona)
-Fill out paperwork for knitting club (umm that’s right. I’m starting a knitting club at Columbia. Whattttup?!)

And then on top of all the studying and homework I need to do, I’d like to get ahead on the homework that will be due next week because Halloween weekend will be busy busy busy. My question for you is, does life ever slow down or will I always feel like I don’t have enough hours in my day? Hopefully I’ll settle into more of a schedule soon. I can’t remember if I mentioned my new job so I’ll just say again that adding work to my already hectic schedule has made me feel like a crazy person. I’m so excited to have a job though! Okay enough of the mindless prattle, I want to share my weekend with you!

My friends Kristina and Sean (literally the cutest couple in the world. Don’t challenge me on this. I will cut you.) visited me this weekend. I’ve been friends with Kristina for NINE YEARS and Sean’s been in my life for about 3 years now. I love them both so much and whenever I see them we have a blasty blast. I showed them my favorite places in Chicago (food…) and we spent some quality time baking and snuggling in my apartment. It was really wonderful. I don’t have too many pictures but I’ll share some of what I’ve got!
Sean and I baked some lemon cupcakes. The frosting was a catastrophe but they ended up being pretty delicious!

Had a little photoshoot…

We got matching temporary tramp stamps (Poor sean. We make him do so many things haha)

See you all tomorrow


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