Another Music Post

First I want to announce that I’m going to start accepting sponsors here on Sunday Morning Sugar. If you are interested in possibly sponsoring please send me an email at My rates are EXTREMELY affordable so don’t let that deter you from inquiring about pricing :). Now on to the real post…

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of music posts recently (maybe not?) but I have more delightful tunes to share with you :). I’ve been studying a lot these past two weeks and instead of tv I’ve been putting some music on for background noise.

Goodnight Moon

My friend Sean recommended this EP to me and I can’t get enough of it. Specifically the actual Goodnight Moon song! It’s really fitting for what the weather’s been doing in Chicago and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I listen to it.

Starry Eyed

I noted Ellie Goulding after seeing her name on various blogs (the only one that comes to mind now is Kara’s recommendation. I’d also like to note that this chick is cool as hell and you should absolutely read her blog). Her album is fabulous but my favorite song by far is Starry Eyed.

Something Good Can Work

Two Door Cinema Club was on this alternative rock station I used to listen to on the way to work this summer and I finally got around to downloading their cd. I am absolutely in love. They have a really fun sound and when I listen to them it just makes me want to dance!

Worth the Wait

We are Scientists sound similar to Two Door Cinema club. My story with them is much the same (heard them on the radio, only downloaded recently). I think the lyrics for this song are very applicable to my life right now and they make me giggle a little. All in all, a great song on a great album.

You’ve Got The Love (The XX Remix)

My boss added this song to the playlist at work and I am obsessed. I already love Florence and The Machine so it’s no surprise this remix makes my ears smile. Best part about it? You can download it for free! I got my copy here.

Light Bulb

I’ve been watching sickening amounts of weeds recently (I AM ADDICTED) and this song was on during the credits of an episode. I LOVE IT. It’s so cheerful and catchy. I’ve been playing it over and over since I first heard it.

I hope you enjoy one (or all?) of these. What’s been going on in your corners of the world recently? I feel really out of touch!

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