The Cider House Rules

A few weeks ago I bought a magical cord that connects my computer to my tv. If I had only known how much this little guy would change my life… Before I tell you why, I should say that if you don’t have netflix you should stop reading this immediately and sign up (then come back of course). If you do have netflix (aka the best thing in the world) then you’re probably familiar with the movies you can watch instantly. Being a true girl of my generation, I like things right now. Going to blockbuster to rent a movie is so 1995 ;). Anyways, with my magic cord and my instant netflix, I’ve been exposed to a whole world of cinematic adventures that I never would have had the time or money to see otherwise. I. Am. Smitten.

The other night I watched The Cider House Rules. I took three things away from the movie:
1) Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.
2) Tobey McGuire has the cutest baby face in the world
3) No words can describe how much I adore Paul Rudd.
If you have never seen this movie, I would strongly recommend it. If you have, you may know that Charlize is styled beautifully throughout the movie. Her style is very chic yet totally down to earth. I am so inspired by her effortless and comfortable wardrobe. Can I pleaseee have some of those amazing knit sweaters?!

I wanted to share a billion pictures with you of her clothes but I could only find a few :(. They’ll have to suffice. Just see the movie :)


2 thoughts on “The Cider House Rules

  1. a- netflix streaming is AMAZING! We stream through our Wii and it's changed our lives (true story)b- I read the Cider House Rules before seeing the movie, and the book is incredible. I recommend reading ALL of John Irving's workc- the movie itself is shot so beautifully, thank you for bringing it up, I will definitely have to revisit it!

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