I feel like I’m always playing catch up!

This weekend has been INSANE. I apologize for my unexplained disappearance. I’ll give you all the rundown–the good news with the bad :).

I have class early on Friday mornings so I rolled out of bed and went straight to school. I was so proud of myself because I wore gray and green and that’s quite a change from my regular black, white, and red. After class I grabbed lunch with a friend from this yummy cuban place near school (cafecito) then we ate a sandwich in the park and chatted for a while. I got home around 3, opened my fridge so I could thaw some chicken for dinner, and what did I find…? Everything in the freezer was thawed out because our refrigerator decided to stop working. For those keeping score, that is a broken washing machine and fridge within a month. The only thing that hasn’t broken yet is the dishwasher and if it does I think I’ll pull my hair out… I was expecting my older brother at 4:30 so I immediately emptied the fridge and took as much food as I could to my friend’s apartment so it wouldn’t go bad. Thank GOD he had room for my food. I would have lost everything if he didn’t. When my brother got here we snagged some dinner from Hackney’s then went to see The Summer Set! They put on a fabulous show and I had so much fun dancing and singing at their show. For those who aren’t familiar with them, they’re from Arizona and I’ve been a huge fan for years. I went to the cd release of their EP back in the day. You should absolutely check them out! Moving right along to Saturday…

My older bro and I slept in a bit and then we waited for the fridge repair man. He came around noon and replaced a tiny part but told me that I had to turn off the fridge for up to TWO DAYS so that it could drain (a lot of ice had built up inside it). I went into panic mode because I still had a decent amount of food that I didn’t want to see wasted so I ran to Target and bought some styrofoam coolers and ice. Instead of handling the situation in a calm, cool, collected way, I cried on my way to Target and felt really silly for letting it bother me so much. Sometimes life just feels like wayy to much and it’s tough to do everything on your own. My parents help as much as they can but they’re a thousand miles away so there’s only so much they can do for me. I forgot to photograph my outfit on Friday so I made it a point to grab a picture of my Saturday look. This top is from Gap and I love it. it’s super comfortable and looks fun. I wore it with jeans and a cute pair of boots.

I ended Saturday with a yummy dinner (Kung Pao Chicken!) and watching Get Him to the Greek with a friend. It was pretty calm and exactly what I needed after such a hectic two days. Which brings us to….

My friend and I woke up reallllllly early (oh sweet baby Jesus) to watch the Formula 1 races. Since I was EXHAUSTED from this crazy weekend, I threw on old faithful…my Arizona Motoland T-Shirt.

I’ve been taking it easy today, just getting homework done and cleaning. I’m also going to be restocking the fridge because all the ice melted (THANK GOD) so that’s one less thing I have to worry about. Now I’m just waiting on the new washing machine. You should see the pile of laundry that is touring over my laundry basket. Oye!!!

This post has been VERY wordy. I try not to do that but I had so much to tell you :). I’ve been getting some questions on my formspring recently and I love it!! If there is anything you want to know please ask me :).

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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