Le Ragazze

My first day back in Arizona I spent time with my Mom and Grandma being pampered. I started the day with my haircut then snagged some lunch from a new restaurant that opened in my area. If you’re in Arizona, I would highly recommend the delicious food from Le Ragazze. Here’s how it went down…
We sat down to glasses of cucumber water (uhh yum).
Cucumber Water
Then ordered some french fries to snack on. They brought out these bad boys with house made chili cherry Ketchup. I could have eaten the Ketchup straight, it was SO GOOD.
Parmesan & Basil French Fries
Finally our main meal came out. I got a mozzarella lavosh with roasted tomatoes and oh babyyy was it good.
Mozzarella & Tomato Lavosh

I hate that after I moved the food in my town REALLY kicked into high gear but I’m so happy to have delicious places to eat while I’m visiting home :). I’m having a nice, relaxing break so far. I also have a LOT more to post about so this week should be fun around here!


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