Gearing up for the Holidays

Today was my first day since I’ve been back that I didn’t have to work after school. I finally had a chance to go to target and pick up some Christmas decorations and groceries (I’ve been surviving off of pasta with mozzarella and Parmesan for like a week. seriously) which was wonderful. When I came home I spent the day deep cleaning my apartment (it got gross while I was away. My roommates aren’t the cleanest ladies in the world) so now everything smells nice and looks all shiny and new! I feel very refreshed and it’s so nice to know that the weekend is just beginning!!

Since I know you’re all super curious about my plans this weekend, I figured I’d share.

-Partake in a Christmas Extravaganza and transform my apartment into a winter wonderland
-make some buckeyes (family tradition that I won’t be around for this year!)
-do my finals homework so the projects seem less scary/daunting
-buy Christmas cards to go with my presents
-keep working on getting all my Christmas shopping done (halfway there)
-explore wicker park and stop by Renegade Handmade because it’s wonderful there
-finish DIY guest post for a wonderful blog (more on that later)
-finish DIY for MY blog and all of my fantastic readers (that’s you!)

Like a good little blogger, I’ll have my camera in tow for all of my adventures so I can share them with you next week and pretend like my life is a lot more fabulous and exciting than it really is :).

My weekend sounds exciting, right?! Do any of you have any plans for the weekend? I’d love to hear about them.


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