Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve my family always goes to church in the afternoon then grabs an early dinner. This year was no different. I’m glad I got to be home for Christmas Eve because I think I really would have missed the traditions that my mama has created for us. Anyways, this is what we wore… (and some fun pictures of me and my family)
dress: Theory
shoes: Boutique 9
Purse: Forever 21 (gift from roomie)

Church was spent trying to keep my little brother from sticking his fingers in my ears. I’m going to complain a bit and say that there wasn’t any message and I don’t like that. It’s a big day for us Christians and I would have liked to hear something hard hitting rather than an invitation to join the church’s next series. End rant…

For dinner we went to PF Changs. Oh nom nom. My dad got a pretty pink drink (hilarious) and my mom got a tasty martini. It was a top notch dinner!!

We don’t really have any traditions for after dinner so when we came home we all sort of snuggled on the couch and relaxed :). How did you all spend your Christmas eve? I hope it was as nice as mine was.



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