Forgiveness, It’s more than saying sorry

And the challenge continues.

DAY FOUR: Someone you wish you could forgive/could forgive you

I’ve thought a lot about this one and no one really comes to mind for either. I’d be lying if I said I got over things easily. When I was younger my family used to make fun of me because I could hold a grudge like a champ. As I’ve grown up I’ve learned about about thinking logically rather than emotionally. I’ve also calmed down a lot and when things happen I’m quick to forgive. I don’t really harbor any ill will towards people in my life and I don’t find myself pining for anyone’s forgiveness. I think that if someone has a huge issue with me and is struggling to forgive me for something that I’ve done, it’s more their issue than my own. Forgiveness is a very personal issue, you do it so that you can move on.

Since day four and five are sort of uneventful, I figured I’d double them up..

DAY FIVE: The last person you made a pinky promise to and why

I have no idea. The only pinky promise that comes to mind was with this precious youngster I babysit occasionally. She did something silly and didn’t want me to tell her parents so she made me pinky promise. I’m pretty sure what she did was avoid going to bed so it really wasn’t much of an issue at all. I’m a pretty trustworthy gal. I take it very seriously when people tell me secrets so pinky promises usually aren’t necessary :).



One thought on “Forgiveness, It’s more than saying sorry

  1. Great post!I agree on the forgiveness issue! If aomeone really can't forgive me for something I did to them (whatever it may be) then it is really their problem, if they can't move on! Life is too short to hold a grudge too long!I have to give my daughter pinky promises all the time! I think it's her age…they are all into those things and I think it's cute and awesome of her to trust me more than anyone else!

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