Zodiac Signs

DAY SIX: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Astrology is fun. My roommate and I used to check our horoscopes all the time last year. From what I can tell, your horoscope is usually pretty accurate when things are going well in your life. I thought it’d be fun to share my horoscope for the day before we went any further.

“Your focus should turn toward examining how you react to things that are beyond your control. A lot of unpredictable energy is swirling around you right now, sending confusing signals to the people you love. Something may happen that you can’t influence — instead of feeling powerless or frustrated, take advantage of the situation and steer it in a direction that’s better for you and your people. You do have some power in this situation, so use it.”

Okay this actually fits perfectly with things that are going on in my life right now. Moving right along to the overall libra description. I think it fits my personality pretty well. Libras like to keep balance and stay in the middle ground. I also read somewhere that we stir up a lot of trouble then take the middle ground and this sounds a lot like me in my younger days haha. We’re outgoing, love being around people (mostly true. Has to be the right kind of people), and are happiest when in a pair (marriage, dating, etc.). Libras think in relative terms and are always comparing what is happening now to either the past or the future. Also quite accurate for me.

All in all I’d say that my sign is pretty accurate for me. I’m working on a big recap of 2010 for all of you and trying to find a good 2011 questionnaire. I did one last year and it ended up being a lot of fun :). Maybe I’ll just recycle it…


Throw in your two cents.

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