The End of 2010

One picture from each month this year around Sunday Morning Sugar and a little recap of my year on this blog…

January through April


I was reading and knitting up a storm. Starting my second semester of college. Had 8 followers on my blog (and was PUMPED about it) and was trying to find more readers. Really anticipating Valentines day even though I had no Valentine haha. Figure that out?
I hosted my first giveaway, watched a lot of criminal minds, moved to a new apartment (same building), and learned to cook pomegranate BBQ tofu. I kept knitting like a crazy person and spent a lot of time doing other artistic things like painting and sketching. I also hit 100 posts and baked a pretty cake.
I met a boy, watched hours of home videos, and enjoyed spring break with my family. I made a fun spring playlist and celebrated my first St. Patrick’s day in Chicago. I also visited the Art Institute of Chicago…and took a road trip to see my friend Kristina in Indiana.
I kept knitting like a crazy person, made a fort with my roommate, saw Matt and Kim (for freee), shared my knitting wisdom, and took a road trip to Flint, Michigan to see a piece of Rock and Roll history. I had a picnic in a park and made my first original knitting pattern.

May through August


I made my 200th post, finished my second semester of college, lost a boy, took a road trip to Chicago, cooked almost constantly, knit, and hosted my second giveaway. I also went to the beach with my gay friends, found Butt Road, complained about moving out of my city for the summer, and got strep throat for THREE WEEKS.
I danced in my grandma’s 50th dance recital, road tripped to Phoenix from Ohio, started working for my dad, made a sweet necklace, and complained about being bored.
I got my wisdom teeth taken out, learned how to make fresh pasta, saw a taping of So You Think You Can Dance, learned how to crochet and introduced Jacques and Jill. I saw Despicable Me, ordered business cards, made a summer headband, and forced the boys in my family to take my outfit pictures.
I made some delicious sandwiches, launched Jacques & Jill, packed for my big move, and went on a baby road trip to Prescott with my lovely friend Kristina. I quietly dealt with anxiety and minor heartbreak regarding the boy I met in March. Also spent a great deal of time crying and stressing because trying to find an apartment in a city across the country is daunting. Especially when you need to move into it in less than a month.

September through December


I started my sophomore year of college, watched my big brother play some football, hit 99 followers on google reader, went to the renegade craft fair, and ate some DELICIOUS hot dogs. I moved into my new home, ate some pazookie with my roommate, and applied for about a billion jobs.
I dressed kind of slutty for Halloween, got a visit from two of my best friends in the world, found a job, turned 20, and spent some time with my family (they visited as well!). I got my very first sewing machine and became addicted to watching Weeds in Netflix instant play.
My dad and I made Thanksgiving dinner together, I started offering advertising spots on my blog, and I spent some time in the sun (home for the holiday!). I cooked…a lot a lot, and took part in an outfit challenge while my washer/dryer were broken. I also shared my tips for living on a small budget and re-read one of my all time favorite books.
I worked a ton, made it through finals (straight A’s BITCHES!), cooked, and shared a lot of my outfit photos. I sent out a survey asking what you liked about my blog and got some amazing feedback. I decorated my very first solo Christmas tree, went home for the holidays, and baked way too many buckeyes. Finally, I ended the year with a whopping 117 followers (this number is insane to me. I’m so thankful for all of you!) and plan to make next year even better :).

I was going to post a survey on this post but I thought that would be overkill so I’ll be sharing that tomorrow :). Happy last day of 2010 everyone!!


2 thoughts on “The End of 2010

  1. It's always so nice to look back and remember everything you accomplished! I've been reading your blog from the beginning and really enjoyed this post. I'm actually working on a similar post myself!Hopefully 2011 is just as wonderful for you and I'm excited to keep reading! :)

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