My bologna has a first name…

I’m in Arizona right now soaking up the last few days of vacation before I head back to school/real life. I got an email from one of my teachers today requesting that we buy the book for her class and read the first two chapters so I guess my semester has officially begun (though classes don’t resume until the 24th). I am really nervous about this coming semester because I’m taking 18 credits and still working part time. Sometimes I get concerned about the workload but I think I’ll do alright if I manage my time well. I know a lot of you are getting ready to go back to school… good luck kids :). And if you are all grown up and are already back at work, good for you!

I’ve been really slacking with taking pictures since I’ve been home but I’m going to try and do better the rest of the week. In my defense, I really haven’t done a whole lot that’s picture-worthy but one of my blog resolutions (oh yeah, I went there) was to take more, higher-quality pictures for my blog. Some other resolutions included commenting more, taking time to individually thank my readers, and showing my support in other ways. I think it’s important to make both business AND personal goals. Do any of you have blog (or business) goals going into this next year? I’d love to hear about them.

Now on to my 20 day challenge. I skipped day 9. It was “bullet your whole day” and instead of doing that I thought it would be fun to do “a day in the life of…” but I’d like to wait until I’m not on vacation to do it :). So we’re moving right along to ten….

DAY TEN: Your middle name and how you feel about it

(middle namesake)

My middle name is Maeva. I use it as my last name on my business cards and all things blog-related because I feel like it gives me a bit more privacy than using my whole real name. I like my middle name a lot. I think it is unique, flows well with my first name, and is just fun all around. I was named after my maternal grandma (the one with the dance studio). I’m glad I don’t have a weird middle name (Like Chandler Murial Bing) so I really can’t complain. Other than the fact that all three of my names are almost unpronounceable to some people.


Instead of sponsors this month I thought I’d do something a little different. I posted the buttons of the blogs that I’ve been enjoying a lot recently (or perhaps always). You should really take a minute to check these ladies out. They all have great things to say!

Sorry this post was so wordy. I just have so many things to say to you!

2 thoughts on “My bologna has a first name…

  1. your middle name is really pretty. and i agree with courtney, you'll do fine with school. sometimes the part-time job is a nice break, so you have something different on your mind and don't go crazy, haha. happy new year!

  2. Mal- You can totally handle a full load during the semester! I was taking five courses, working at the school and had to do all of my homework either in the studio or the darkroom…I would get home and have to be back there about six hours later (for the next day!). It might be hard but once you get through it you forget about how difficult it was when you were going through it. I know you'll be amazing this semester! Don't sweat it.

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