So yesterday while I was reading through the zillion blogs I check on a day-to-day basis, I came across Danielle’s flashback myspace photos. I loveddd the idea and thought that I would share some of my old myspace profile pictures. I’m a little younger than Danielle so all of my pictures are from high school. Some of these bad boys are hilarious. I went through a phase where I LOVED to take pictures of myself. My family still makes fun of me for it.

Summer 089
You know 629
Picture 528
oh boy shes doen it again 012
mallllllll 006
birthday 003
beach with mattie 087
aaaaaaa 004
shoooooot 012
cute outfit

Do any of you care to share your old myspace pictures? If so, link up and let me see!!


5 thoughts on “My…Space?

  1. ahahhhahaha you know, just one week ago I decided to cancel all my myspace albums!yes, I'm keeping my account, I don't know why, maybe because it's the place where I first met a lot of cool people I'm actually talking on Facebook, but there was no sense anymore to keep my pictures there!

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