It’s your birthday!

This is OLD news. Old old news. But I haven’t shared yet and I want to so here we go :).

My baby brother’s birthday was a few days after Christmas so to celebrate my whole family went out to red robin. Here are some pictures from our evening.
I love my little bro (who actually isn’t so little anymore) and watching him squirm while the staff of red robin sang happy birthday was hilarious. Also, before they sang he was supposed to count them off “1, 2, 3…” but he only got out “1” before he started laughing…for a while… So after an awkward 30 seconds or so one of the guys said “there is an expiration date on the birthday song…” Maybe you had to be there because even typing this it feels less funny than it was at the time haha. Anyways, I wanted to share my last little family moment/bit of break before tooooo much time had gone by.

Now for some shop talk:
1) check out my new page, “You and the Sugar“. EXCITING information there people. Can you say… FREE advertising? hmmmm….
2) Who wants to shop my closet? You can let me know if you’re interested via email, comments, formspring, or magic. And if you aren’t, that’s not really a big deal either!

I’m off to fight the snow in hopes of picking up the last few groceries I need.
ugh…not looking forward to it.

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