Music Music, The Super Pilots

I’m going to tell you a story. It gets a little messy so pay attention.

Are you ready?….

You sure…?

Okay here goes!
Last year I met two of my best friends, Ben and Soheil. I do believe I’ve mentioned them in the past. Anyways, these boys are from Virginia and both are musicians (Soheil sings, Ben plays the drums). Back home they were in a band together with some other hooligans called Steel Tears. The bass player for their band, one we’ll call Jason (because that’s his name…) moved to Boston for college and joined a band while in school. This is that band. That band is pretty unique, at least in my itunes library, and I figured I’d share. Though I feel a littttttle creepy listening to their FREE EP as much as I do, it’s pretty freaking good so I think it’s worth a little creepiness. Luckily, you don’t need to feel creepy giving them a lesson. In fact, you should feel happy because they’re great!

This is a video of one of their shows where they covered destiny’s child’s Survivor. It’s also awesome. If you give them a listen (or download their EP), let me know what you think!



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