Crafting at Starbucks

So my winter break from school is SIX WEEKS LONG, which in my opinion is an eternity and should be shortened. Anyways, I only went home for about three of those six weeks and I was worried that I’d be REALLY bored once I came back to Chicago. So far I’ve been working just about every day so it hasn’t been too bad but I made sure to plan a lot of other projects to keep myself occupied. One such project is a baby book for my favorite family in the world (besides my own of course)! Bah! I keep getting ahead of myself… A few nights ago my wonderful friend Lauren and I got together at Starbucks to do some serious crafting. I worked on my baby book and she made a really cute…umm…scrapbook? I’m not sure but it was adorable. Here are a few pictures of our crafty outing.
She had Hello Kitty glue. I swear to god it was staring at me all night…
Do you craft in public? I had actually never done it before and was worried I’d get there and not have all the supplies I needed to actually get work done but it turns out I did just fine! I’m more of a “throw on some sweatpants and a disk of friends” type of crafter but I may have to do more things out there in the real world.

I am also curious about your scrapbooking strategies and techniques. It’s been a while since I’ve scrapped and I’m a little rusty! Are there any amazing memory book/art journal/scrapbooking blogs I need to check out? I’d love any and all suggestions!

I’m off to work more on the ol’ baby book, see you tomorrow.

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