Ohhh last night

Last night I visited my brother and partied a bit (what up college?!) so today I’m taking it easy and FINALLY cleaning my room. I’m also going to style/photograph some things that I want to get rid of so stay posted for a “shop my closet” feature :).

Before I head out, I just want to direct your attention to my You and the Sugar page. I have gotten some amazing feedback so far and I want to make sure that the word is being spread. So check it out right here. I’m accepting applications for February sponsorships. There is NO CHARGE involved, just a few simple questions. I’m only accepting ten applicants for February so make sure you get your information to me soon. The spots are filling up quickly. If you’ve always wanted to do an advertising or sponsorship of sorts, this is the perfect way to test the waters without making a huge financial commitment.

Have a LOVELY day. I’ll be back tomorrow with your Sunday quote.


EDIT: I posted some new blog buttons right here. I’d love it if you put on your page! Thanks so much :)!!

2 thoughts on “Ohhh last night

  1. oh i would love one, but i still(ugh kick me) don't have my etsy up and running. if you continue to still do this, i will do it for sure when i open!

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