Great Blog

I am sick. Like, really really sick. Like, I haven’t gotten out of bed for longer than 5 minutes at a time in the past two days and can’t even really sit up for long without feeling awful sick. But I just took my meds and I’m feeling a pinch less awful so I figured I’d post before they wore off.

I found this blog today through Kenzie’s sweet blog and I think it is AMAZING. I want to try out a bunch of the projects she has done and they are all pretty economically friendly so that works for me! Here are a few of my favorites…

Have a great evening! Hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough for an actual post tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Great Blog

  1. Malori, I saw that your blog was one of my traffic sources, I'm so glad you like my blog! Thanks for the kind words :) I addded you to my links list, and if you have a twitter, let me know … my username is kirstengail. keep in touch! xo

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