More of the challenge

It’s been a while since I posted from my 20 day challenge. I got stuck on some questions so I kept putting them off. To make up for lost time I’m going to answer a few in this post :).

DAY THIRTEEN: An embarrassing/socially awkward situation you’ve found yourself in

hahahahahhaha every day of my life? Okay…I guess I can try to think of something that’s more specific. Actually, I’m having trouble thinking of a specific situation. I do some pretty awkward things around customers at work sometimes. Also, I seem to have a difficult time understanding people so I’m always saying “what! WHAT!?” which is somewhat embarrassing.

DAY FOURTEEN: Something you’re not proud of

I feel like this is a “name your biggest regrets” question. To be honest, I don’t really have any regrets. I think everyone does some (or maybe a lot of) silly things in their life and dwelling on them isn’t going to get you anywhere. Rather, learn from your mistakes and move on with the new knowledge. Attempt to be a better version of yourself :).

DAY FIFTEEN: the person you like and why you like them

Oh dear! This is a loaded question, right? Let’s see how to delicately answer. I’m not going to use any names but I will give you a hint… The photo above is from a trip I took with this individual. I am currently single but I do spend an awful lot of time with a good friend of mine. We want different things out of life right now so it looks like we’re going to go our separate ways but I do still have a lot of feelings for him. I fell for him because he was such a gentleman. He had great manners, took me out on dates, held doors open for me, and was someone I could talk to for days on end. We’ve watched about a zillion movies together and he has really influenced my taste in music. I was there for him through a rough part of his life and I like that he trusted me enough to let me be there for him! I like that I don’t have to be anything other than myself when we hang out. When I had strep last year and looked like death he was still around telling me nice things and getting me lots of water. He is really close with his family and I loved that. I’ve noticed myself trying harder in my own familial relationships as a result of him. I do believe I’ve rambled on enough at this point, so I suppose that about sums up the answer to that question. MAN things just got real personal here on Sunday Morning Sugar, right?!

DAY SIXTEEN: something that makes you feel sad when you think about it

There are a few topics that make me sad pretty quickly when they are brought up. The biggest one is cancer. No one in my family has ever died from it but I still feel a really personal connection to cancer fighters/survivors. So I suppose that answers that!

I think that catches me up a little bit on this challenge! In other news, I’m still in bed. I went to the doctor this morning and found out that I don’t have strep (THANK GOD) so hopefully I’ll start to feel better soon. I’ve watched a lot of movies, a few seasons of friends, and a lot of nip/tuck. I felt okay for about 30 minutes yesterday so I tried to do a little DIY but I didn’t quite finish before I started feeling down again. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it today and share it with you tomorrow :).

Have have all of you been doing?

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