My hair secret

When I sent out my survey last month, I got a lot of great feedback, some confusing feedback, and a lot of goofy fake surveys from my friends (thanks…). You can still fill it out if you’d like :)! I’m always open to advice. Anyways, one of the forms that someone sent back said that they’d like to see more make-up tips from me. I literally laughed out loud because I am EXTREMELY clueless when it comes to makeup. It’s bad. I watch tutorials and have attempted to have my friends teach me some techniques but nothing seems to stick. On a day-to-day basis I usually just wear mascara and some eyeliner. When I go out to parties or on a date I will throw on some eye shadow and we all know that I love me some red lipstick but I feel like that’s pretty straightforward… When I get ready for my day the majority of my time is spent on picking the right outfit and making sure my hair isn’t a hot mess.

A lot of people compliment my crazy crazy hair which I also find somewhat amusing because I generally just let it do its thing. I have been going to the same stylist since I was a sophomore in high school and every time I go I tell her what color I want and to do whatever she wants as long as it looks good without me doing anything to it. She’s a genius. I would fly back to Arizona just to have her do my hair because I literally don’t trust anyone else. ANYWAYS, all of this text is leading up to me giving you my hair secrets :). The following are the EASY things that I do to make my hair work for me. This is about as close to makeup advice as it’s going to get kids. Here goes…

1) I have straight hair. Stick straight. I can curl my hair in the morning, brush it around lunchtime and it’ll be totally straight the rest of the day. Most days I blow-dry my hair with my head upside down. It literally looks like I’m headbanging while I’m drying my hair because I just whoosh my hair in different directions and dry it for a few seconds before changing directions again. It ends up giving my hair a little bit of body which I love. This is usually how I do things.

2) When I want curls…
Like I mentioned above. I am SO lazy with my hair. I do, however, really like the way it looks when it’s curled. Since curling my hair with a curling iron takes about an hour (no joke, I have REALLY thick hair) I generally don’t have the patience to deal with it. Instead, I use these super old school hot rollers that I have from like 3rd grade when I started doing dance competitions. They still work really well and I’ve been using them for like ten years. Maybe it’s time to upgrade? Maybe not :). When I curl my hair I always put Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted Mousse in my hair first. I have no idea what is in this stuff but it works like a champ and makes my curls last SO much longer than when I use anything else. When it’s all curly, I put on a touch of hairspray and I’m good to go!

3)If I’m lazy (or have the time to spare) I like to let my hair air dry. Usually it doesn’t look as good when I do this but I feel like it’s nice to give your hair a break every once in a while. Most of the time when I air dry it, it ends up in a pony tail :).

So there you have it…the big secrets revealed. My go-to style is usually just to wear things naturally. I also put it half up half done pretty often or throw everything into a high pony tail. Do any of you have a cute, easy way that you always wear your hair? I feel like I should try to branch out but I’m just so lazy…


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