My Last Night Out

Continuing on with the challenge!! I’m excited that I’ve almost made it all the way through. I’ve liked having these little prompts to use on days when I’m too busy to make a real post. I have another little challenge lined up for when this one is over :).

DAY SEVENTEEN: Your last night out in detail

The last night I went out was last Saturday night. Annnnnd I went out the night before as well. I hardly ever go out, let alone two nights in a row, so that might contribute to why I ended up being sick all week… haha oops.. Anyways! These are the pictures from my night out. Instead of just posting them I figured I’d give a little background info for each of them as well.

I wasn’t planning on going out so I agreed that I’d get out of my sweatpants and into the real world if my wonderful friend Clinten did my hair and makeup. He obliged.


After I was all gussied up, we headed to the train so we could go to the party (1:00am)


Got to the party. I had snagged another beer and explored the premises with my friend Eric. He found a yellow apron and tried it on. He made a bit of a scene trying to force me to drink hard alcohol (to no avail) so we decided to go back to our original location at the party.


I took some photos with my future roommate, Clinten. Good times were had by all :)

clinten lovee

That was actually more fun than I thought it’d be! I’m excited to post these last few days of the challenge.

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