Kickin’ things off the right way.

To get my month of love started, I’m going to kick things off with a giveaway from one of my amazing sponsors, a recipe that’s so good you might just have a heart attack, and a tentative schedule of events :).

Sugar & Spice

First I’m going to give you the schedule…

On Monday’s you can expect date night ideas. These will include tips for a frugal date night as well as ways to incorporate vintage and other fun twists into your date nights.

On Tuesday’s I’ll be offering you recipes from Chez Malori. This week it’s a heart warming treat, next week a heart healthy, followed by a heart attack, then finishing the month with a heart break. Food for all occasions. Fun times all around, yes?

These will be wildcard days! I don’t want to designate special themes to every day because I still want time to be me!!!

Do it yourself on Thursdays. I will have some guests as well as a DIY of my own (those are rare you guys. RARE!)

What better day for fashion posts then the beginning of the weekend?! I’ll be posting polyvore creations as well as some roundups of my favorite accessories from all over the internet.

A day full of ideas for things you can do for or with your love. Post topics ranging from sweet valentines drinks to presents every girl (and a post for the guys too!) will love.

Of course I will be posting quotes on Sundays. It’s the only regular feature here at Sunday Morning Sugar and I’m not about to let that go!! They will all be love-related so they’re still perfect for the theme of the month :).

I’ll be back later today with the giveaway and then later still with your heart warming recipe.


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