The Most Wonderful Day

I’m having a seriously lovely day today. In spite of the weather that’s making me want to die a little, everything has been going my way. My Monday classes are shaping up to be some of my favorites. Granted, I have a KILLER schedule this semester and actually look forward to/enjoy ALL of my classes. How lucky am I!? Anyways, I wanted to stop in and post the buttons for Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. Your feedback on my last post was so sweet :).

So anyways, here are the buttons…

Picture 13

Picture 13

Picture 12

Picture 12

ANDD just a quick update on my life. This week is going to be amazing because I have very little work so I have a ton of time to organize my life. These coming weeks are going to get REALLLLY busy for me so I’m a little nervous but I decided yesterday that I DO have the time for ANYTHING I want to do. True story. If you manage time well you really can get anything done. I’ll share more on my tips for that later :).

I also wanted to ask that you all keep your fingers crossed that class is canceled for me tomorrow due to this GIGANTIC blizzard we’re supposed to get here in Chicago. It would take a LOT of stress off of my shoulders so even though I really enjoy that class, I think I’d like a little snow day. Are any of you getting hit by this crazy weather? If so, good luck and stay safe!!

Finally I just wanted to say a big hello to all of my new followers. I’m guessing most of you are from Sometimes Sweet (seriously the best sponsorship I’ve ever done) which is just wonderful. I really love to know my readers so if you leave me a comment I always check out your blog. If you haven’t commented in the past, feel free to leave your link or a little bio in the comment section of this post so I can get to know you a bit better. Thanks so much for being here! Don’t tell the other readers I said this but… you guys are the best audience around!


One thought on “The Most Wonderful Day

  1. Those buttons are adorable!Well, guess the blizzrad wasn't too bad here in Chicago…the bus came and the hubby went to work…blablablaBut, a friend said that tomorrow might get even worse! Let's keep those fingers crossed!Have a wonderful day!Hugs xxx

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