Vintage Valentines Day

Hi Everyone! My name is Emma and I run a blogand Etsy shop called Eben Lemon. Mal asked me to share with her wonderful readers some hints on how to incorporate vintage tones into Valentine’s Day. So here we go!

1. Of course you are going to need a beautiful frock for you and your beloved. Dress up and Dance!

for the ladies

for your man

2. A pretty piece of antique jewelry:

found here

and here

3. Some lovely champagne flutes for making that special toast!


4. The key to your heart

found here

5. Some sexy lingerie…..


and here

6. A vase for flowers


7. A typewriter for love letters

to my love…

All of these items are for sale on Etsy through many different buyers. Please click the links below the photos for more information!


P.S. To share the love I have a coupon code to my shop especially for Sunday Morning Sugar readers. Type in BLOGREADER2011 at the checkout for 10% off anything in my shop (from turbans to dresses!)

Don’t forget to enter the Reworked giveaway! It closes TOMORROW!

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