Books I Love

Like I mentioned a bit ago, I have been reading like crazy recently. When things get slow at work and I’ve done all of the daily chores I read to pass the time. I’ve also been scheduling time to read before I go to bed at night and limiting my time on the computer to make more time for crafts and other fun things (ahem, reading) in real life. I realized that if I spend all my time reading your lovely blogs that the content on mine is going to suck because all I do all day is read blogs. Yuh know!? So here are some books that I’ve read recently that are worth picking up and devouring. :)

Half Broke Horses

I’m sure most of you have heard of The Glass Castle. This book is by the same author and, granted it’s been a while since I read The Glass Castle, I think this one is so much better! It’s a fast read with a really great story line. It’s written like a memoir but is really about Jeanette’s grandmother’s life. She tells the story like it was her own and does so beautifully. Definitely worth a read.

Devil in the White City

I LOVED THIS BOOK! You know when you start reading a book and you avoid doing things you are responsible for because you literally can’t put it down? This is kind of like that :). The book tells two stories that take place in Chicago during the World’s Fair. One story is of the World’s Fair and all of the planning, construction, architectural feats, and behind the scenes shenanegins that took place. The other is the story of a serial killer who committed his crimes around the same time as the fair (often using the fair to lure in his victims). Personally, I think the serial killer chapters were the best but the book as a whole was extremely enlightening and a lovely read.

Brokeback Mountain

I’ve read this before, and I’ve seen the movie but I just couldn’t help picking it up again. At a mere 58 pages, this book is a REALLY quick read. But the beauty of it is definitely in the eloquent sentences that tell this incredibly heart-wrenching story of forbidden love. Seriously, it’s a great freaking book. I’ll probably use some quotes from it for Sunday Quotes because there are just some amazing lines. You really have no excuse to not read this because it’s so damn short. Do it. Now.

Assholes Finish First

Oh Tucker Max, you’ve done it again. I raced through his last book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, and literally laughed out loud through every page of every story. Something about this man’s writing style and stories seriously crack me up. I actually refuse to read his books in public because I don’t want to be the idiot who’s laughing obnoxiously at a book. It’s a really quick and easy read and is by no means a work of literary genius (look at the title people). But if you want something that will make you feel good and literally laugh out loud, this is the one for you!

As always, you can find the list of books I’ve read here, on my book page. I bold titles that were good enough to recommend to a friend. I’ve started to get a little pickier with the titles in bold so just because it’s not bold doesn’t mean it isn’t a good read!

I’m about halfway through three other books right now so when I finish the next bunch I’ll be sure to post about them :).

I’m off to make some Valentines before work!!


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