How to make your own Valentines

Hi! I am Cheryl and I’m a part of Stuff You’ll Love, a fun site bringing you daily art and inspiration through photos, easy projects, and sweet little glimpses of my life in a little brick cottage that’s home to a self-made silk-screening studio in the basement. For sweet Mal’s 28 Days of Love, I’d like to offer a super-simple method to making your own valentines! Its really just inspiration to get creative and make something unique with found or upcycled materials you may have on hand.

First, gather some fabric, old magazines, beads, or ribbons. Here I’ve cut a few hearts of out some red leather scraps to go with some buttons and scrapbook paper. I also thrifted this vintage lace last week that I’ve been itching to use.

Card DIY

Today, I will be using my sewing machine (but you could easily handsew or glue, use a whole punch, etc..) don’t be afraid to sew paper! It’s fun and the results can be magical. Here, i am zig-zagging one of those hearts on some glittery paper. 

card DIY

Next, I added the trim, played with the pattern and threaded all around! Paper is the perfect way to experiment with your machine’s different stitches – have fun and create a scrapbook-effect, layering your materials to create something special. For me, sweet little homemade valentines beat the store-bought ones every year!

Card DIY

Then, sign to your beloved! I can’t help myself around sharpies, I started doodling to mimic the stitch pattern and I love it :D.

card DIY

So, since love is in the air, we are offering Sunday Morning Sugar readers 15% off in our shop! (use coupon code: sugarandspice)

Card DIY

PLUS… we’d just love to send one lucky reader a valentine-kit! you’ll get two red suede hearts, vintage lace and buttons, glittery scrapbook paper, ribbon and more! Everything you’ll need to make a heartfelt valentine for someone you love.

Card DIY

To enter the contest you can do one or more of the following. Each will be worth one entry:
1) Comment below telling me your favorite post from Stuff You’ll Love.
2) Blog about the giveaway (leave the link to the post below)
3) Tweet about the giveaway (again, please leave the link!)
Leave one comment per entry, otherwise you will only be entered once! Giveaway closes next Wednesday!

Hope you have fun and have lovely valentines day!

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