I was really inspired by Kymberly and Courtney’s “putting yourself out there” posts so I decided to do one of my own :).

I am a really self confident lady so I actually enjoy posting pictures on my blog. I like to share pictures of my outfits and on days when I’m feeling particular pretty I love to share that with you. There are plenty of days, however, when I don’t post pictures because I feel gross. We all have our moments, right!? So even though I post a ton of pictures, I thought I’d post one anyways.

(this is one of the rejects from my new header!)

And now I’ll share 25 facts about myself… This could get a little boring so I’ll try to stick with somewhat exciting facts (and maybe some of the basics)!!

1) I’m a marketing communications major at Columbia College Chicago. I love it and I think I’m pretty good at it (oh hey narcissism!)

2) In middle school and through a bit of high school I used to feel really ugly. Now I really like the way I look and I’m a pretty self confident lady.

3) This blog was originally intended to be a daily style fashion blog.

4) I’ve never had a boyfriend.

5) My hair is naturally blond. My mom always tells me she’s patiently waiting for the day I decide to go back to blond (long hair with straight across bangs to be exact)

6) I am really comfortable in heels. I’ve never had a problem walking in sky-high shoes and I’m forever grateful for it!

7) I eat an obscene amount of chocolate. I always keep dark chocolate in my refrigerator and I eat a piece after every meal. My preferred brand changes every few months but dark chocolate is my absolute favorite. Also, a chocolate store recently opened near my work and I’m concerned about the amount of money I’ve spent there.

8) I always always always keep my chocolate in the freezer or refrigerator. I don’t like room temperature chocolate.

9) I really love to cook and I’d like to open my own restaurant someday. A cozy breakfast place would be fabulous!

10) I don’t really wear makeup. Not only do I not wear it, I really don’t even know how to wear it. 90% of the time I only have on mascara.

11) I’m terrified of flying. Every time I have to fly anywhere I get terribly anxious and I’ve been known to cry during bouts of especially terrible turbulence.

12) I use proper grammar and complete sentences when I text.

13) I really hate seafood. I refuse to eat anything from the sea (or lakes or rivers or fishtanks). I hate the way it smells, the texture of it, and the general idea of eating a fish.

14) I don’t like snow. I don’t like playing in the snow and I’m not fond of snow sports. It shocked everyone in my life when I decided to move to Chicago for school. Now that I’m here, I still really don’t like snow.

15) I love the beach. It’s the best place around and I plan on having beachfront property someday.

16) I’m really into interior design. I always wanted to be an interior designer and changed my mind at the last minute when I came to Columbia.

17) I’m not a big fan of traveling. I’d rather live in foreign places and experience the culture than go for a week and hit the tourist spots.

18) I’ve never tried any drugs. This may seem obvious but there are a shocking number of people who casually experiment! I’m not one of those people

19) I like Pineapple, Orange, Banana juice.

20) I love telling people where I work but my job title is much more glamorous than my actual job. I tend to leave that part out haha

21) My number one celeb crush is Adam Levine.

22) I really hate people who walk slowly. Tourists are the worst. They like to travel in larger groups that stop in the middle of the sidewalks and take pictures/point at tall buildings. It’s really frustrating when you’re trying to get to class or work on time.

23) I’d love to own a corvette someday. I plan on treating myself when I’ve saved up enough money.

24) I generally don’t have the patience to sit through a movie.

25) I’m one of those people who bottles up emotions and then has mini breakdowns when things get overwhelming.

that’s about it!!

6 thoughts on “"Malori"

  1. Those were not dull at all…I love getting to know my blog friends and that is always an interesting and fun way to do so! Thanks for 'putting yourself out there!' I hope to learn more :)

  2. Such a fun post :) I've never had a boyfriend either, and I take pride in that I am AWESOME at being single–it just hasn't happened yet! I want to live in Chicago after I graduate from college to pursue theatre, and I totally sympathize with your feelings about the snow. You're so sweet, I love coming home from school every day and being able to read your blog. I appreciate the time you put into your posts very much!

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