DIY Thursday…

I was going to post my own little card-making DIY today but plans change sometimes and this is one of those situations!! I was supposed to be in Indiana visiting two of my very best friends this evening but due to some ridiculous traffic I’ve decided to leave in the morning instead of right now. I have to park about five blocks from where I live because the parking in my building is out-of-this-world expensive and I forgot my camera cord in my car with all the DIY pictures on it. The worst, right? So instead of sharing my DIY, I’m going to post some links to projects I would love to do. That counts, right!? Here we go :)

Oh! This picture has nothing to do with the post at all. I think I do this a lot haha. I took it the day after the giant blizzard hit Chicago. Give me a break, it’s been a hectic day!

On to the DIY’s…

I’m obsessed with writing love notes… how about one that can be planted?

wool hand warmer (good for some spring skiing?!)

this isn’t so much a DIY as something that’s cool as hell that I’d like to try–Ship in a bottle embroidery

DIY fabric backdrop
why buy a turban headband when you can MAKE ONE!?

more hair flowers…but these ones are cooler and unique

I’m just a litttttttle bit obsessed with garland recently (cheap decorating. who can resist!?) and this one is ahhhhmazing!

Okay I have to go do heaps of homework so I can spend more quality time with my friends this weekend and less time reading books :).



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