Almost finished!

Today I thought I’d finish up my 20 day challenge (all except for “a day in the life of”, I’m going to try to post that next week!) with the last three questions. So here goes :)!! If I have time later today, I’ll share the details of my weekend getaway as well.

DAY NINETEEN: A drunken story
Hmmm I don’t have too many drunken stories to share… So I’ll just share a picture from one of the parties I went to last year.

DAY TWENTY: Someone you liked for a day and why

Just for a day? This is tough too! I’m going to say that a “day” here is referring to a short period of time rather than a literal day. When I was a youngster I had a huge crush on Leo DiCaprio (dreamyyy) but I no longer feel that way about him. Ha! I phrase that like we tried dating and it didn’t work out.


Throw in your two cents.

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