dress: VeronicaM
shoes: Steve Madden

This week is going to be crazy for me. I have a lot of hours at work (okay… just like 25), three huge mid-term projects to finish, and class which means more regular homework on top of all my midterms. I’ve mentioned this before, but mid-terms at an art school tend to be a LOT more stressful than those at regular colleges and universities. We have these HUGE projects that need to be completed outside of class and are generally presented in class so we have to be prepared for that. On top of the projects, we generally have a mid-term exam as well. So it’s quite stressful and overwhelming.

Usually during midterm and finals weeks I disappear from the blog for a week or so but I’m going to try my best to stick around. I’ve arranged for my sponsors to guest post a bit (there are some great DIY’s headed your way) and I’ll do everything I can to be here a bit as well :). If I do disappear though, know it’s because I’m drowning in mountains of homework and attempting to study for various tests.

Finally, I have a huge announcement to make but I’m pretty sure it deserves its own post so I’m going to hold off. I’d also like to wait until I know how I feel about it before I let you all in on my little secret :). (And since I’m sure someone will ask, NO I’m not pregnant or getting engaged or in any sort of a relationship haha. Not even remotely.)

How is March treating all of you?


5 thoughts on “Guests!

  1. With all due respect, I'd just like to point out how you said mid terms at art school are more stressful than those at regular universities. And considering you only attend an art school, I would imagine that you probably don't know what mid terms are like other places, like nursing school for example. Not trying to be rude, just don't knock other majors until you've tried :)

  2. Mal, I'm excited for the DIY's. I always need fun new ways to procrastinate on my also super busy midterms week! You always make me laugh, especially with the, "NO, I'm not pregnant or engaged…" statement. haha I hope you have a super productive week, love.xx – Danielle

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