Happy Parade Day!

The turnaround time on these photos is pretty fast if I do say so myself :). The past three days have been…how do I say…hmm…boring beyond all belief? Yes, I believe that’s it. I haven’t done much of anything besides class and work. As a matter of fact, I feel like that’s all I ever do anymore haha. I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed out so today was my chance to let loose a bit!

As you may or may not know, St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG DEAL in Chicago. The city dyes the river a bright green color and there is a literal ocean of drunk people wearing green and staggering through the streets yelling in Irish accents (most fake). It’s a blast and I’d say it’s been one of my favorite memories from both last year and now, this year. You can see my post from last year right here.

These are the photos from today :)…
(jello shots…in orange and lime peels!)
(the lovely cassandra)
(absolutely the most flattering picture of the day)
(that is a block of cheese)
(my roomie is the one on the left, my soon-to-be roomie is on the right)
(the bean!)

All of these were taken on my cell phone because I was terrified that I would lose my camera. Parade day gets a little crazy and I’m just not comfortable taking my expensive camera into a giant crowd of extremely drunk people. Call me crazy ;).

Do any of you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I never did anything more than wear a green shirt and eat green pancakes until I moved here!

The rest of my night is going to be spent watching Dexter, getting some homework done, and HOPEFULLY finishing some guest posts that I owe to people (gosh I’m terrible). Have a great weekend.



5 thoughts on “Happy Parade Day!

  1. Ah, it's a national holiday here. I just assumed it would be a holiday in places like Chicago with such a big Irish community…the more ya know!Looked like a fun day…more fun than here actually! :)

  2. There will be a ton of parties at bars all over the city on Thursday but the parade is usually on a Saturday so that people who work can attend. I have a lot of work/school so I probably won't be able to get out on Thursday so I'm glad the parade was over the weekend :)!

  3. Well I'm Irish and live in Dublin and we have a big parade here…lot's of American's come to see it. Everyone gets drunk – it's really no different than any other day in Ireland in that sense!

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