Sponsored Post; Midwest Society

Today’s sponsored post is from one of my fellow Columbia students. I met Nicholas through one of my roommates and when he started classes in Public Relations this semester we happened to take one of the same courses. He’s just about the cutest thing in the world and I’m so excited to be able to feature a male blogger! Today he threw together a post about the impact your image has on you. This is especially poignant for any college students reading my blog. Be sure to check out his regular thoughts over at Midwest Soceity.

I don’t think some people realize how they portray themselves to others. Being a visual society, we instantly judge others on their appearance and actions. Having opinions is only our human nature. Making sure you give your very best first impression to others is a way to make sure people will always remember you in the best possible way.

The little details are what count:
When I see someone in glasses my first impression of them is that they must have some intellect and be studious. If I see someone wearing a hat backwards, I think of a bro and all the characteristics a bro comes with. Even though these are just perceptions they stick with a person, even if they may or may not be true. Always be aware of how your image will precede you. Dress how you want to be viewed!

Social Networking:
Another huge thing that is KEY to your social image is everything you post from your social networking sites. People will interpret what you’re posting about yourself in any way they’d like. I myself enjoy partying and going out with friends and occasionally acting stupid, but I don’t write drunk sloppy statuses and I make sure I hide all the photos of me doing those things. Even leaving passive aggressive posts puts your character as a person into negative light. Always be sure to put your best foot forward when using twitter, facebook, blogger, and any other social networking tool.

Your actions, gestures and things that you’re involved with bring along a stigma of who you are. I’m not saying you should be fake or phony, but everyone should be conscious on how they show themselves to others. As long as you’re genuine in your actions and true to yourself no one will look at you for your negative qualities. Rather, they will look at you for everything great you stand for.


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