Stylish Blogger Award

Generally I don’t participate in these…mostly because no one asks me to… but I was given a little blog award and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Mid-terms were the worst and I’m actually not done with them yet because a lot of my teachers postponed the tests until after spring break. But I have some time on my hands because of the lack of class this week so here goes :)!

First things first, I’m only a casual reader of Miss. Chrissy’s blog (No time to do anything fun over here, I swear) but when I do find time to read, she posts some really great stuff :). She is also a fantastic and active follower here at the Suga’ and every comment she leaves me leaves a giant smile on my face. She gave me this sweeeet award and I’m so appreciative of it!

According to the blog award rules, I’m supposed to share seven random facts about myself with you so here goes:

1) I have asthma but I’m REALLY stubborn about using my inhaler.

2) I don’t like to take part in big fads because people who do so emphatically tend to get on my nerves. (Twilight, Harry Potter, oh yeah…I just said it)

3) The three musical artists I listen to almost constantly are Maroon 5, Adele, and Jamie Cullum.

4) I don’t know song names or names of bands. It’s terrible. I can’t even name the majority of Maroon 5’s songs, though I do know all the words to them.

5) Recently I’ve been painting my nails this really gorgeous nude color from Essie’s spring line. I always want people to comment on how pretty and simple they look even though I’m sure most people can’t tell they’re even painted lol.

6) I worry WAY too much about things that really don’t deserve any worry.

I’m supposed to pass this on to some other bloggers so I’ll give it to….

1) Danielle of Sprinkle Me Sweet
2) Ali of Who Dee Hoo
3) Kenzie of Strokes of Serendipity

I hope you all have a lovely day! I’m off to relax on my spring break. I realized yesterday that I’m currently in the middle of TEN books so I’m trying to finish a few of them before I start any new ones :).


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