The Bean, Milk, and Honey

So I’m sure you all know by now that my friend Katie is visiting me. We go way back. Wayyyy way back. Like… this far back.

That’s me and Katie in the front, back to back. She’s the one with the freckles :).

So anyways, we’ve been doing all the regular “Chicago” things since she’s been in town (the bean, deep dish pizza, millennium park, being really really cold, wicker park, the art institute, etc.) so I’ll break down our spring break pictures into a couple posts so as not to overwhelm you :).

The first day she was here, I dragged her to the bean. We only stayed long enough to snap a few photos because it was freeeeezing. And raining… Thanks Chicago…

Then on Wednesday, we walked all around wicker park trying to find the perfect birthday cards for my friends/family’s birthdays that are coming up in the next two months. We ended up snagging lunch at Milk & Honey which is delicious and wonderful beyond all reason. No, seriously, I love it and if you’re ever in Chicago I’d recommend giving it a taste!

Wednesday evening was spent facebook stalking people we both knew in high school and taking obnoxious pictures of ourselves with photobooth. And we vlogged :).
Photo 1189
Photo 1183
Photo 1190

I’m having a great/relaxing spring break so far. Woooo hoo! Also, some of you have been leaving me the sweetest comments so I just wanted to give a giant Thank You to those who have said something wonderful recently. Group hug? :)

I’ll be back tomorrow with more spring break pictures!

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