It’s Wednesdayyyyy!!!!! Hump day, if you will. Most of you are halfway through your week but mine is just about to pick up. Today through Saturday I’m working about a gajillion hours. That always stresses me out because school is my number one priority and I worry about when I’m going to be able to get my homework finished. Are any of you working students? Do you stress about this too or am I a crazy person? Hopefully I’m not alone in this :).

So here’s what’s going on in my life right now:
1) I’m putting together a resume so I can find a summer internship here in the lovely city of Chicago. I’m so excited about this! If any of you know of marketing internship opportunities in Chi-town or you’d like to employ me, shoot me an email :). I’m an extremely hard worker and oodles of fun to work with.
2) Remember that big announcement I said I wanted to make? I’ll be making it sometime this week. Get pumped up. I know I am.
3) Yesterday I celebrated the birthday of one of my favorite friends in the whole world. I bought us some yummy Chipotle for dinner and got some Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert (complete with a blue candle for a manly birthday cupcake!). It was a lovely evening. I think everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, don’t you?
4) I really, really, desperately need to get my bangs cut. They’re OUT OF CONTROL!
5) Did you think I’d forget Vloggin’ Vednesday? Not a chance. This week is a how-to video and since I don’t have time to teach, I decided to opt out! I’ll be back next week with another vlog :).

Have a fabulous Wednesday, I’m off to work.

2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I work and go to school full time and I have a full time student husband who also has a full time job and is a complete gym rat.. It's so stressful! This semester has been extra difficult, every time I get a free second I want to spend it with my hubs because I don't get much time with him with our schedules. I really need to buckle down and make school a higher priority.Good luck!

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