Busy Week

Growing up in Arizona, I was ALWAYS blessed with beautiful weather (though sometimes its a bit hot). This whole “having four seasons” thing really throws me off and I’ve learned some interesting life lessons about myself since moving here. For example, I like the idea of fall (it is a couple days sandwiched between summer and winter where the weather is shockingly beautiful and you pick pumpkins…allegedly) but it’s very elusive.

Anyways, this spring weather has been provoking some odd desires for me and I thought I’d share.

First, I am DYING to garden. This is really odd to me because I can honestly say I’ve never had a serious desire to plant anything in my life. But I can’t get enough of it right now.

Second, this whole “spring cleaning” thing has me going CRAZY! I genuinely thought that the term “spring cleaning” just referred to a big deep clean any time of the year. The urges I’m feeling right now to clean out my life are something I would liken to a pregnant woman’s nesting urges. I just feel like after a long winter of being bogged down in a ton of layers and feeling heavy and cluttered and dark I just want to get rid of everything and be clean and light and fresh!

Finally, I’m loving spring cooking right now. I can’t wait for the Farmers Markets to open up (this is a first for me!) and to start creating dishes full of fresh fruits and veggies! I’m currently bookmarking recipes like a crazy person for things I can’t wait to eat.’

Summer, my favorite season, is just around the corner. But I’m going to enjoy spring while it’s here :)! For your viewing pleasure, I’ve rounded up pictures of gardens that I want in my life. Enjoy.

wit and whistle



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